The Story

It was while I was pregnant with my second son, that I got the idea for Mamma to Mommy Holistic Care. My first pregnancy was fairly easy (besides the 24 hour morning sickness during my first trimester....ughhhh). My second pregnancy was complicated and very hard on my body, ending in bedrest. I was exhausted, stressed and some days I could hardly move from the pain. I tried a variety of different massage therapy clinics but I wanted a place that catered specifically to my pregnant body, that focused on prenatal massage, and secretly an RMT that would listen to me endlessly obsess about my labor, how hard it would be raising more than 1 child and even what a bummer pregnancy sometimes tended to be.  And that's how Mamma to Mommy Holistic Care was born, a place where our Massage Therapists have had additional prenatal/postnatal massage training, and truly understand the aches and pains of the pregnant and postnatal body, and especially the Super-Mamma raising kids body! A highly recommended, tranquil clinic for Prenatal  Massage, Postnatal Massage and Registered Massage Therapy in Vaughan. A place where we understand how wonderful and scary it is to be a Mother, and where we love hearing you obsess, worry and marvel at the gift of Motherhood. A place designed specifically for you, Mamma.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey through Motherhood.
-Roxanne Mastromatteo

Registered Massage Therapist ~ Yoga Instructor

Prenatal Massage in Vaughan


Our Facilities

We have a cozy and elegant clinic designed for families, with or without little ones.

If you do not have childcare for your little one, we welcome you to bring them in the room with you while you get your treatment. We have a variety of different accomodations & activites for any age, we ask that you please let us know the age of your child when you book your treatment, so we can customize the room for you.

*Unfortunatly we are unable to lengthen the time of your treatment once we have started the session, so please be mindful of your baby's fussy time and/or be sure to bring in their special toy.

Mamma to Mommy


Prenatal Massage in Vaughan

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