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​​​​Osteopathy in Vaughan, ON

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that emphasizes the importance of balancing all structures. Most commonly asked, does that mean bones? Yes, but not only bones, it means everything, muscles, ligaments, arteries, veins, lymphatics and even organs! Osteopathic manipulative practitioners look for imbalances in the body that create physiological issues, structure will determine function. By removing these structural imbalances the body is able to do its’ work to self-heal and self-regulate. This also means taking the whole body into consideration and looking for compensations that may be created. Your shoulder may be in pain, but what about that right ankle that is making you walk awkwardly and creating all these imbalances up your leg, to your pelvis, up your spine and to your shoulder. If you are thinking it, yes you are right, we try to look for an underlying cause!


General aches and pains, digestive issues (constipation/diarrhea), headaches, Sinusitis, cold and flu, sciatica (and any other nerve impingements), asthma, bronchitis

For Children/Infants:

Reflux, Colic, Gas (plus all symptoms above)

The treatments are done through manipulations that are generally painless and comfortable, although tenderness may be experienced. Post-treatment some soreness can occur but goes away fairly quick. It can be difficult to say everything Osteopathy can help but here is a list of some examples, general aches and pains, digestive issues (constipation/diarrhea), headaches, cold and flu, sciatica (and any other nerve impingements), asthma, bronchitis.

PRICING (excluding HST)
60 MINUTES $110  |  30 MINUTES $70  

Here is my success story and why I was drawn to Osteopathy:
I suffered from a lot of congestion and cold/flu symptoms which usually turned into an infection causing me to go on antibiotics monthly. I had more bad days then good and could barely leave my room weeks at a time. Month after month I kept getting the same response that I have an infection and the only thing I could do is go on antibiotics to get rid of it. After over a year I got fed up, I had come across Osteopathy and started getting treatments weekly. After just a couple of treatments my symptoms quickly disappeared and I have never been on antibiotics since. I had learnt that the car accident I was in 3 years previous had really impacted my body. I had terrible whiplash which caused a large imbalance in my body not allowing fluids to circulate correctly and instead get stuck causing congestion leading to the infection.

This is not to say that everyone’s success story may happen this quickly. This is because the longer there has been an issue the longer it may take to resolve but also every person’s body will take on treatment differently. Time is needed to let the body do its work and it may take time to bring movement back. Try this: take your thumb and index finger allowing them to touch one another creating a circle, take your other index finger and put it through the middle of the circle. Move the circle around the index finger and see the amount of movement there is. Now close the circle around the index finger tight, can you move the circle now? No, this is what happens to the structures in our body when they don’t move well which then causes a physiological response (nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatic changes). For example, if the nerves coming from a segment from the spine are impinged on by ligaments or muscles then how would they function correctly? What if this was the nerve control to your digestive tract? Would this not mean that your digestive tract wouldn’t function appropriately?

Osteopath’s look for these connections to free them, to bring movement to the body where needed, to allow for the body’s appropriate function to occur.

Written by: Sofia Mumtaz, Osteopathic Manipulative Practitioner

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