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60 MINUTES $90  |  75 MINUTES $105     90 MINUTES $120

​Deep tissue massage is used on ailments like chronic pain, recovery from injuries, limited mobility, postural problems and muscle tension or spasm, among others. Deep tissue massage will start off light to relax the surface muscles so that the Massage Therapist can eventually get to the deeper muscles. It is common to be a bit sore for a day or two afterwards because if the muscles being treated are not used to being manipulated, then they will get sore just like an average physical work out.
60 MINUTES $100  |  75 MINUTES $115  |  90 MINUTES $130


Massage Therapy

​Indulge yourself in a total experience of stress relief, as you are taken through a sensory test to choose your own blend of organic aromatherapy plant oils. The properties in essential oils penetrate the body to restore health and well being throughout. The oil is absorbed by the skin and transported through the body’s blood and lymphatic system to organs, glands, nerves and soft tissue. Common ailments that can be treated with an Aromatherapy Massage are stress, anxiety, headaches, trouble sleeping, fluid retention, muscle aches and pains, circulation and fatigue.
60 MINUTES $95  |  75 MINUTES $110  |  90 MINUTES $125


Prenatal Massage & More in Vaugahn

Though the benefits of breastfeeding are endless for your newborn, the Cirque-du-Sole positions a Mamma will put herself in to ensure her baby has the best latch, often leaves Mamma feeling sore and achy.
At Mamma Care we have developed this treatment to ease that tension in your upper chest, back, neck and arms. Also to help realign your shoulders to a more relaxed position. 
45 MINUTES $85  |  60 MINUTES $100


​The whole process of childbirth has been a huge shock and strain on your body, particularly your abdomen, lower back and hips...but congrats, you did it Mamma!!! 
The Postnatal Massage is an excellent way to kick start your recovery, and transition from Mamma-to-be to Super Mamma. 
The treatment is done with you lying  on your stomach (finally!!!), or if you've had a cesarian, or don't feel comfortable lying on your stomach just yet, we can prop you with pillows to help you lie on your side. Special attention will be paid to your back, neck, shoulders, glutes and feet, while the rest of your body is pampered with a soothing relaxation treatment.

​*all prices are subject to HST


Couples Massage
There are no couples more deserving of relaxation, than parents or parents-to-be!

Experience relaxation together during your couples massage as you enjoy side by side Swedish or Deep Tissue Massages, with your loved one or a friend.

60 MINUTES $190  |  75 MINUTES $220

90 MINUTES $250 

​It is one of the most relaxing types of massage to receive as it works over the whole body. The general techniques are gliding, kneading, tapping, and vibrating or shaking; used on different muscles in the body depending on the desired result.
60 MINUTES $90  |  75 MINUTES $105  |  

90 MINUTES $120

Infant Massage

Massage Therapy for Infants has so many benefits: 
*helps to stimulate the development of various systems of the body (digestive, circulatory, musculoskeletal)
*enhances neurological development
*helps to relieve colic, gas and constipation
*helps relieve discomfort from teething
*helps to regulate sleep patters
*increases the bond between baby and parent(s)

60 MINUTES $80  |  30 MINUTES $50

60 MINUTES $90  |  75 MINUTES $105     90 MINUTES $120

Swedish Massage

We offer one of the most comfortable and relaxing prenatal massages in Vaughan ON a Mamma-to-be can get, while still working out those knots in and around your shoulder blades! The massage is first done in a side-lying position and then a semi-reclined position, for a very pampering face, scalp, hand and foot massage. You will be supported by pillows, bolsters and a wedge. It is extremely comfortable and some of our Mammas even tend to fall asleep!

Our Vaughan ON prenatal massage offers a wide range of benefits, including treatment for the following:
Postural Dysfunction: Reduces muscular tension and stress on joints caused by the postural shifts that accommodate the extra weight of a growing baby.
Fetal Development: Benefits development by supporting circulation and increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the fetus.
Swelling: Reduces swelling through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
Sciatica: Alleviates and prevents sciatica through the treatment of tight and shortened muscles which apply pressure to, and irritate, the sciatic nerve.
Stress and Anxiety: Reduces the presence of the stress hormone cortisol and increases the feel good hormones, serotonin and dopamine.

Prenatal Massage & Massage Therapy for Vaughan, ON​

Ayurvedic Indian Scalp Massage calms the nervous system and mind, helping with insomnia, headaches and other stress-related conditions. After a healing and soothing shoulder, neck, scalp and face massage, the warm aromatherapy oil treatment will continue to relax your state of mind. 
30 MINUTES $70  |  45 MINUTES $85 

Breasts are body tissues that can benefit tremendously from massage. They are susceptible to discomforts associated with menstrual and childbearing cycles, breastfeeding, with common benign conditions, and are subject to surgery, diagnostic procedures and trauma. ​
​A breast massage will help open blocked ducts, loosen clumps or hardened areas, and reduce the risk of mastitis. 
It will also help in relieving the pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest wall, and 
increases circulation and lymphatic drainage
30 MINUTES $60  |  45 MINUTES $75

Mamma to Mommy


Prenatal Massage in Vaughan

Of course you are a Super Mamma, helping you little one transition from a crawler, to a leaner, to a first-stepper and finally to a walker....but OUCH does it hurt your back! You may not realize it, but holding up 15-25 pounds for a 10 minute round of lets-walk-around-the-living-room will do a number on Mamma's back, legs, glutes and arms!
This treatment focuses on the low back, glutes, hips, legs and arms. Soft tissue tension is released and tightened muscles are stretched out. 
60 MINUTES $100  |  75 MINUTES $115  |  90 MINUTES $130

Circulation: Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, getting rid of the toxins. Improve well-being and immunity by stimulating lymph flow.
Relaxation: Massage encourages the body to release endorphins - the natural pain killers and feel good hormones secreted by the brain. Some experts say that a massage is an excellent stress buster and mood elevator, possibly helping you cope with the baby blues and postpartum depression.
Breastfeeding: Massage helps the body to release oxytocin. Oxytocin triggers the letdown reflex which releases milk from your breast.